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While each individual product provides industry-leading quality in its own category, the synergistic effect of bundling  products maximizes return on investment and minimizes our client's carbon footprint. We are dedicated to serving both our clients and the environment.

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we believe in maximizing the power of green technology by bundling products to create a synergistic effect that maximizes efficiency and minimizes your carbon footprint.

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"The NCHA installed Stedi-Power TVSS power regulators at the office to combat the irregular electrical supply and power spikes.  An additional benefit we are seeing is that our electric bill is down almost 10% from the prior year.  We will save enough on electricity to pay for the investment in less than one year, not to mention the amount we will save on maintenance of electronic equipment.  This is an outstanding product that under- promises and over-delivers."

           Rick Ivey, CPA, CGMA
           NCHA, Treasurer

"I wish to endorse and acclaim the decision that Brown's Memorial Funeral Home made to have Stedi-Power Equipment installed at our location.  Since installation in February of 2013 we have had numerous occasions of power surges due to nearby construction or storms.  Once a transformer also blew.  But on each occasion our electrical service continued without faults or damage to computers and no interruption to documents being worked on at the time.  This was a smart business decision for us.  Thank you and please let me know should you have any questions."

          Gary Lee Westerman, CFSP

          Funeral Director in Charge

          Brown's Memorial Funeral Home


Voyage Power Partners offers a suite of products to provide economically sound, environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions for your home or business increasing your energy and resource conservation.