Stedi-Power Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) System is the premiere transient voltage system available to the general public.  Stedi-Power is the most effective and efficient power quality improvement you can buy to protect your home or business from transient surges and unnecessarily high electric power consumption.  Transient activity is believed to account for 80% of all electrically-related downtime.

 Benefits of Stedi-Power:

  • Double or triple the life of electrical and electronic equipment
  • Most cost-effective means of improving your power quality
  • Dual-Rated: Both suppressors and arresters provide full-facility surge and lightning protection
  • Doubles the life of any new equipment
  • 50% - 70% life extension for electrical and electronic equipment
  • Reduced maintenance and down-time on motors
  • Drastically reduces electronic rust
  • Increased machine reliability and efficiency
  • Kilowatt savings by demand rate reduction and balancing of sine wave
  • ROI in 8-12 months proportionate to the kilo-watt usage
  • Lowest impedance possible - low clamping voltage
  • Reaction time “less than a nanosecond” - Quick recovery time
  • Self-sacrificing equipment to protect yours - Service-side installation

The Stedi-Power TVSS System has a Fifteen (15) Year Limited Warranty and a Five (5) Year $1,000,000.00 Connected Equipment Warranty.  Should the electrical equipment behind a Stedi-Power TVSS System become damaged, the manufacturer will repair or replace it up to $1,000,000.00 value per incident.  

Stedi-Power Transient Voltage Surge Suppression System (TVSS)

Do I Really Need This Equipment?

If you have electrical and electronic devices in your home and business, the answer is an unqualified “YES!”  [Maintenence Technology] Our equipment provides the greatest benefit in active environments, but probably the greatest factor in terms of savings is the number and quantity of inductive devices that our equipment protects. After protection, the greatest benefit is reduced downtime related to electrical and electronic repairs.  We can routinely show reductions in electrical repairs ranging from 30% to 50% and reductions in electronic downtime and repairs exceeding 70%.

​We install our systems on the “service side” of the main breaker to provide customers with the maximum protection possible.  Installing anywhere on the “load” side means that anything “north” of that location (in the direction of your Utility supply) is “at risk”.

​How Common Are Transients?

Contrary to what we’re often told by customers (“We don’t have a transient problem”), the presence of transients is well known and well-documented.  Consider the following:

  • A study by IBM indicates that transient voltages account for more than 88% of all recorded power quality events.
  • A study by General Electric proved the presence of over 2,000 transient voltages in a small manufacturing facility.
  • The United States Navy recently determined that pay-back from installation of surge suppression equipment averaged a year or less.
  • A leading computer magazine indicates transient activity is the cause of 80% of computer related problems.
  • Many government facilities require installation of surge arrester/surge suppressor equipment.
  • Major insurance companies note the need and benefit provided by surge suppression equipment installations.  Insurance reductions or offsets for such installations may be available.

Celec Smart Capacitor Banks

The Celec Smart Capacitor Banks are basically voltage storage devices that can either supply reactive power or absorb it.  If connected in parallel to the line, it supplies reactive power and if it is connected in series to the line, it absorbs reactive power.  It has the power of storing large amounts of electrical charges canceling out large current flows reducing electricity bills conservatively 15+% in a residential application and 25+% in a commercial application providing to 8-12 month pay out proportionate to the amount of the usage.


Digital Display of Power Savings
Power Monitoring of All Electrical parameters.
Easy installation, Plugable Current Sensors
Power logger attachment against order.


Power factor improvement.
Reduced current on main line.
Surge Suppression for transient voltages.
Filters input voltage from noise and impurity.


Reduction in Electricity Bills.
Improvement in line voltage.
Incentive on electricity bills in selected areas.
Filter the voltage for longer life of equipment.
Removal of power factor penalties and Demand Charges.Type your paragraph here.

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