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Electricity Available in the Following States and Countries

  • Texas
  • California
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom

Electricity Service Providers

Putting Energy Providers to Work for You

With the recent volatility in energy prices, you need to know if your current electricity plan is eating away at your bottom line.

As a potential customer, you are entitled to a free market analysis – EVEN if you are under contract.

We are an energy brokerage and consulting firm that believes in “Putting Energy Providers to Work for You.” We position our clients to receive the most competitive rates while taking into consideration company budget, cash flow, and the volatility of the market.  Our goal is to ensure clients understand their choices, and that when multiple providers compete for your business, your cost goes down. 

We will take the time to understand your business needs and current rate plan to see how we compare to today’s historically low rates and if your plan is the right fit for your business.

With absolutely no obligation, we will send you a Historical Usage Request (LOA) and a Client Information Form that you can complete and return with a copy of your current electricity invoice to get the process started. 

How Does This Work?

  • We are an Energy Consulting firm that puts REPs to work for you.
  • As a VPP Client, a few simple steps will put the power in your hands and have the REPs competing for your business.
  • First, simply answer a few questions on our client information form so that we can make the best recommendation for your business.
  • Then, sign a letter of authorization to allow us to request usage data from your utility or “wires” company which reads your meter and delivers your electricity.  (Note:  This is not a contract)
  • In addition to that authorization, a copy of your bill, or a complete list of your ESIDs with service location addresses will be needed.
    • An ESID is a meter identifier.  It is similar to a social security number for a person; it is how your meter is known by your electric utility and retail provider.  Your ESID(s) can be found on your bill.
  • Based on our industry expertise, your information and usage data will be analyzed by VPP and submitted for a bidding process.
  • VPP provides your information to pre-qualified Retail Electric Providers based on energy consumption patterns, requirements, and contract terms.
  • VPP will assemble and prepare a comparison for all accepted bids and will provide a recommendation for selection based on your pre-determined needs. This entire process will take three to five business days.
  • Our energy advisors will be happy to assist you with any questions and will review the acceptance process of the bids, but THE CHOICE IS YOURS
  • Note: Acceptance of a bid is time sensitive. The bid is subject to change based on wholesale market movement. 
  • When you accept a bid, paperwork will be required to execute that agreement.
  • After the account is executed, your account will be transferred to the new provider within thirty to forty-five days of your scheduled start date depending on your normal meter read date.