Maximizing The Power Of Green Technology


​​​​​​​VPP Energy Saving Products Work Together Synergistically Yielding Greater Cumulative Savings When Bundled

Maximize your savings and minimize your carbon footprint and green house gas emissions.  For more specific information on each product click on the product image.

Celec Smart Capacitor Banks

  • ​Voltage storage devices that can either supply reactive power or absorb it. 
  • If connected in parallel to the line, it supplies reactive power and if it is connected in series to the line, it absorbs reactive power. 
  • Power of storing large amounts of electrical charges canceling out large current flows reducing electricity bills conservatively 15+% in a residential application and 25+% in a commercial application providing to 8-12 month pay out proportionate to the amount of the usage.

Stedi-Power Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS)
    •The premiere transient voltage suppression system readily available
    •The most effective and efficient power quality improvement to protect       your home and business from transient surges and unnecessarily high         electric power consumption
    •Transient activity is believed to account for 80% of all electrically-             related downtime.
    •Effective transient voltage suppression equipment can double or triple       the life of electrical and electronic equipment.
    •Transient voltage surge suppression is the most immediately apparent,       and the most cost-effective, means of improving your power quality.

IceCOLD® 5th Generation Synthetic Catalyst
•IceCOLD® is an engineered synthetic formula, designed specifically to         improve operational performance and restore lost efficiency to                   refrigeration and air conditioning systems
    •It delivers significant and measurable fuel/kwh savings and/or valuable       processing benefits through reduced cooling times.
    •Cost savings can be achieved across the refrigerated products supply           chain, including pre-cooling, storage, and transportation, retail and           home units.
    •It is installed once and lasts for the life of the system and reduces               energy consumption.
    •It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, ‘green’ technology and eligible for           carbon credits.
    •10% performance guarantee when installed by a licensed HVAC                   technician

    •Putting energy providers to work for you
    •Free market analysis
    •Receive the most competitive rates while taking into consideration             company budget, cash flow, and the volatility of the market
    •Understand your choices, and know that when multiple providers               compete for your business, your cost goes down
    •Receive a historical usage request (LOA) and client information form           that you complete and return with a copy of your current electricity           invoice to get the process started