IceCOLD® 5th Generation Synthetic Catalyst

What is IceCOLD®?

  • ​IceCOLD® is a synthetic, 5th-generation catalyst technology which means each ingredient in IceCOLD® is engineered to produce a specific result.
  • IceCOLD® does not contain sulfur or other impurities that can damage your system. IceCOLD® is also non-toxic and non-hazardous, unlike PROAs (Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additives) and similar “additive” products made from mineral oils and petrochemicals.
  • The catalysts in IceCOLD® cause it to work quickly. Catalysts are inputs to a chemical reaction but they are also outputs of the same reaction. Consequently catalysts are continually regenerated and not depleted. This is why you need only a small amount of IceCOLD® to get big energy savings.

Why IceCOLD®?

  • Save money by reducing your cooling energy cost by 15-30%.
  • ROI begins immediately upon installation.
  • Installation is quick, with no disruption to existing HVAC / Refrigeration systems or your business.
  • IceCOLD® is a green product. It will reduce your Carbon Footprint & Green House Gas emissions.

How Does IceCOLD® Work?  In 3 Ways...

  1. One catalyst reverses and eliminates oil fouling* by breaking surface tension (van der Waals forces) between oil molecules. This helps remove the plaque-like coating of oil that builds up on inner surfaces of the system so the refrigerant can come in direct contact with the heat exchanger coils, significantly improving heat transfer. The freed oil circulates through the system (as it should) and also accumulates in the cooling unit’s oil reservoir. This increase in the reservoir oil level is a clear indication of IceCOLD®’s effectiveness.
  2. A second catalyst causes the refrigerant to evaporate at lower temperature. This pulls more heat from the supply air so the fan blows colder air. IceCOLD® can also improve comfort by reducing relative humidity up to 15%. Spaces cool more quickly and the compressor runs less. The cumulative effect of these two catalysts is an improvement in heat transfer capability -- up to 73%.
  3. A lubricity agent increases the lubricity of the compressor oil by up to 54% (based on SAE 4-ball lubricity test). This means the compressor will perform better and last longer. 

Maximizing The Power Of Green Technology