Is IceCOLD® Safe?

Compatibility With Your Cooling System

​IceCOLD® is compatible with most types of cooling systems used in the Commercial, Industrial, REFRIGERATION, Home and Transportation sectors.

IceCOLD® is compatible with:

  • Most compressors (reciprocal, etc.), heat exchangers (direct exchange or DX, etc.) and refrigerants
  • Heat pumps - units that are used to cool in summer and heat in winter
  • Chillers
  • Roof Top Units (RTUs), packaged systems, and split system configurations
  • Vapor compression systems
  • Refrigeration systems, including walk-ins, reach-in units, makeup tables, salad bars, ice machines, etc.
  • Specialized systems such refrigerated trucks (reefers) and Computer Room A/C systems (CRACs)

IceCOLD® does NOT void any Equipment Manufacturer’s Warranties - per the Federal Trade Commission Magnuson-Moss Act 1997

IceCOLD® Will Not Damage Your System

IceCOLD® is NOT a PROA (Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive) or similar “Additive”

The concept of compressor oil  additives is not new.  Additives appeared about 15 years ago.  Although the concept had merit, these products contained corrosive ingredients such as chlorine, sulfur and wax that could irreparably damage systems.

  • Over the past 8 years, IceCOLD® has taken this concept and advanced the technology by engineering a synthetic product with benign non-corrosive ingredients to achieve the desired effects.•
  • IceCOLD® is non-toxic and non-hazardous•IceCOLD® does not contain: sulfur, chlorine, solvents, acids, soaps, waxes, oils, combustibles, corrosives, or solids.
  • The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for IceCOLD rates it as benign.
  • IceCOLD® does not require special handling. It can be shipped on standard commercial aircraft.
  • IceCOLD® is supported by a warranty of up to 60 months/ 5 years underwritten by an independent  insurance company . (Copies of the policy furnished upon request)•The manufacturer of IceCOLD® provides up to a five-year warranty, based on the remaining economic life of the unit,  for any system into which the technology is installed. The warranty is underwritten by Insurance at $12.0 million per occurrence, with no claims in over 8 years. Every unit treated is registered with the insurance company and effectively is added as a rider on the policy.
  • If IceCOLD® is found to have been responsible for system failure, your compressor will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. End of life equipment is excluded.

Confirmation by Third-Party Testing

​2007 Intertek study:

  1. No increase of refrigerant or compressor oil decomposition.
  2. No increase in corrosion of copper plating or tested metal coupons.
  3. No increase in particles, precipitates or insolubles in sealed tubes.
  4. No increase in block wear or scaring measured microscopically.
  5. Statistically insignificant (<5%) change in kinematic viscosity of compressor oil

Items 1-5 are indicators of corrosion within a system. Based on the study’s findings, IceCOLD® by definition qualifies as a catalyst. 

Material Safety Data Sheets•Tests for MSDS certification verified that IceCOLD® is benign, non-toxic and non-hazardous and can be shipped via commercial aircraft.

  • IceCOLD® has been on the market for 13 plus years and has over 80,000 installed applications.
  • IceCOLD® in NOT an additive. IceCOLD is an HVAC engineered synthetic catalyst that works independently from the refrigerant as the HVAC ssystemystem cycles.
  • IceCOLD is a lifetime install in a sealed system. This is the simple reason why IceCOLD works every time.
  • IceCOLD has a $12mil Product Liability Policy and a 5 Year Warranty that stands behind every installation as well as Performance Guarantee.
  • Over the past 8 years IceCOLD Technology has never had a “loss claim” against its policy.
  • IceCOLD is a non-toxic & non-hazardous synthetic formula and is shipped globally via UPS, Fed Ex and DHL.
  • IcECOLD has been certified by the GSA, DOD and TUV SUD as an Energy Saving and GHG reducing product.
  • IceCOLD has proven to reduce the kwh consumption in all HVAC and Refrigeration systems.
  • As IceCOLD reduces kwh it also extends the life of the equipment because the system cycles less and runs more efficiently

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